About us

ESL Teacher Recruiment Agent

In short, we help others enjoy the same experience we have had. It’s a life-changing experience, and as native English speakers, we are fortunate to have the unique opportunity to work overseas, while enjoying everything the adventure has to offer.

We are a full-service consulting, recruitment and placement agency, specializing in assisting recent graduates who are interested in living and teaching in South Korea. Our partners are a network of private language schools throughout Korea, with students ranging from 5-16 years old, depending on the school.

We have taught, travelled and been living this life for years. As such, we are well versed in the process of not only securing a proper teaching position and processing visas, but also how to get the most out of your teaching adventure. We guide you every step of the way, from initial contact, to arriving at your school door. We work with applicants from all native English-speaking countries - Canada, The United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our services are offered free of charge and include consultation sessions, visa guidance, position placements, flight bookings and follow-up and support. If you're interested in committing to a yearlong adventure of teaching and living in South Korea, send us an email and let's get started! 


  • To provide full consultation and support for our applicants.
  • To assist in finding a good fit between teacher and school.
  • To supervise our teachers' professional employment.
  • To execute all affairs with the employer on behalf of our teachers.
  • To get feedback from our teachers.
  • To correct any foul play if our teachers’ rights have been violated by their employer.
  • To help our teachers to get adjusted to living in Korea.

David Ball:
Owner/Head Consultant

I originally came to Korea to teach shortly after graduation from the University of Ottawa. After several years of teaching, learning and travelling, I established an agency to help others enjoy the same life-changing experience, but without the stress and hassles of my first time. Since then, I’ve has helped 100’s of people secure teaching positions at reputable schools, and process their visas smoothly, allowing them to begin their own unique teaching adventures abroad.

Rachel Green:
Assistant Consultant / Marketing

I have worked as an ESL teacher and teacher trainer both in Canada and in Korea. I love it here in Korea, and have been working as a recruiting consultant and marketer since 2015.